Tuesday, February 24, 2009

no hiring freezes planned

from libgig.com

LibGig interviewed ten library directors and HR managers at public libraries to see what was in store for 2009. The results were resounding: 100 percent of the (requested) anonymous interviewees say no hiring freezes were planned.
Three questions were asked:
-Is your library going to have a hiring freeze this year?
-Will you be using temps?
-Are outsourcing services more of an option or consideration now with the current economy?
8 of 10 said they were not ready to use temps yet, but 2 said this could be an option at some point during the year. Only 5 answered the outsourcing question, saying they will not resort to that measure at this point. 3 declined to comment, while 2 said they didn't have enought information to accurately answer the question.
"We are absolutely not going to have a freeze of any kind this year," said one librarian in an email message.
According to Dr. John Sullivan of San Francisco State University, hiring freezes are detrimental to a company because it "sends a message to potential applicants and employees that the firm is not in a growth mode.
"Long or frequent pauses in recruiting may also send a stronger message that the company is in trouble."
The librarians and managers all requested anonymity.

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